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At Gonerby Gorgeous, the knowledge, experience and superb service we provide has helped us to gain the trust and confidence of our customers throughout the years. We employ a caring and humane approach to all of our dog grooming services. We want to ensure that your dog has a positive experience throughout it's time with us. Our many years of experience within the dog grooming industry have allowed us to develop an excellent reputation, not just in Grantham, and the local outlying areas.

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Grooming Services

A range of dog grooming services to make your pet look fabulous.

Soft-Coated Wheatens

We specialise in Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers. Find out more.

Soft-Coated Wheaten

Why choose a qualified dog groomer?

Soft-Coated Wheaten at world show

Qualified dog groomers for professional results

The dog grooming industry is currently and is likely to remain unregulated. It means that anyone can and does set up as a dog groomer. It also meant that anyone could also offer dog grooming courses too.

This has meant, sadly, that there are untrained or poorly trained people working as dog groomers with little or no knowledge of the specifics of grooming and the welfare of dogs in their care. As an individual in this profession I find this quite worrying.

So I ask, would you take your dog to an unqualified vet, for example? Unlikely. So why would you choose to use an unqualified groomer?

So it is really important to know what the qualification status of any groomer is. What are their actual qualifications? Some groomers advertise that they are qualified but do not say what that qualification is.

Having attended a dog grooming course is not the same as being qualified – i.e. having been examined and attained a certain quantifiable level under the eye of industry experienced, City and Guilds qualified dog grooming tutors and examiners.

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Recognised industry qualifications

Currently the two recognised professional qualifications in dog grooming industry is City and Guilds and ICMG. It is these qualifications which are supported and promoted by the Pet Industry Federation.

Groomers who have attained a recognised qualification will have been trained in all aspects of grooming, so will be more likely to provide the best care for your dog, providing a satisfactory service: not just clipping and styling, but also health and safety, safe handling and canine first aid. This gives owners the assurance that their pet is in safe hands.

There is a qualification pathway to enable those entering the profession to build up their knowledge and skills through different levels but only the attainment of the Level 3 Diploma (previously Advanced Dog Grooming) or full ICMG gives dog groomers the actual full dog grooming qualification.

These groomers will also likely be members of the industry professional bodies, the British Dog Groomer’s Association (which is part of the Pet Industry Federation), ICMG & BIGA.

These are bodies that supports groomers within the industry & provides good practice guidelines and codes of practice/ethics.

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Cheap doesn't always
mean good

As with all service providers, when looking for a groomer it is important to understand what level of service the groomer is providing. Are they skilled & interested enough to cut & style your dog to your requirements, or are they just interested in a quick shaving down job – a ‘whippy, clippy’ groomer? Are they insured?

Are they offering such a cheap price that issues relating to quality versus quantity come into play? This is the ‘cheap as chips’ scenario - how many dogs are being pushed through the salon to make up income for the groomer to earn a decent wage? What sort of treatment & experience are these dogs having? The old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ is generally very true & worth bearing in mind. There are plenty of novice and hobby groomers who offer cut rate prices. However, a cheap groom will never be a good groom.

Good, qualified groomers may charge more but the quality of the service they provide and the time and care spent on your dog is what you are getting in return. At Gonerby Gorgeous we aspire to quality over quantity & we adhere & support the standards set by the British Dog Groomers Association Charter for Professional Groomers - members promise to abide by the Code of Practice designed to promote the highest standards of customer care & animal welfare.

Quality dog grooming to pamper Grantham's canine fur babies!



Head Groomer, Tutor, Assessor and Owner
City & Guilds L3 Advanced Diploma - Fully Qualified

I have always worked with or had animals. I owned rabbits and guinea pigs as a child and worked with and turned out competition event horses. I also showed and bred guinea pigs for a few years, as well as a mynah bird and dogs. Then along came my first Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier in 1995 and I was smitten. But with that came the showing, grooming and trimming and I have not looked back.

I trained at the well renowned Look North grooming and training school. Despite grooming for a number of years I chose to do my City and Guilds professional qualification in 2004, and after lots of hard work and experience attained the Level 3 Advanced Dog Grooming (now the Diploma). This has now become the nationally recognized standard of qualification for dog groomers and one I believe every groomer should aspire to. I have been examined in and passed the City and Guilds West Highland White Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers and Springer Spaniels qualification.

I breed and show my Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers all over the UK, Ireland & Europe – winning at Crufts, FCI Winners Shows and World Dog Show level. I judge the breed at Championship Show level and have bred a number of Champions. I am also a Kennel Club Assured Breeder.

My first and only ‘dabble’ in grooming competitions at the British Dog Grooming Championships in 2008 saw a 1st placing in Pure-breed scissor and 2nd place in Hand-strip.



Assistant Groomer
City and Guilds Level 3 Introductory - Qualified

I have been with Gonerby Gorgeous for a number of years now. I have worked my way from Level 2 Animal Care at college on leaving school and then passed the Level 2 Dog Grooming Apprenticeship before completing the Level 3 City and Guilds Introductory Dog Grooming qualification.

I am now working towards my Level 3 Diploma.
I have a number of dogs at home from rescue centres.

Both Bev and Hazell are certified in K9 First Aid

Dogs getting cut

Client Testimonials

Owners always seem surprised at the speed at which their dogs coat grows. Most breeds grow at the same rate as human hair, some slower & many breeds much faster. One of the many benefits of grooming is that your dogs coat and skin will stay in good condition. Your groomer can alert you to any health issues developing. A picture paints a thousand words.

5 star testimonials

"Our dog Bentley has been for a spa day today at Gonerby Gorgeous! He has had a bath, trim, cut, nails trimmed. He looks and smells gorgeous! His first visit and he loved it! Thank you."

5 star testimonials

"Highly recommend Gonerby Gorgeous. My boy always looks great and smells beautiful when I get him back and everyone is always friendly, even with us humans!"

5 star testimonials

"I would definitely recommend Gonerby Gorgeous. Not only does my Cockerpoo's coat look healthy and shiny, but they also gave great advice about maintaining it between grooms. The best Groomer we have ever used and will be returning. Thank you."

5 star testimonials

"Gonerby Gorgeous offer a great service. My Springapoo looks amazing, we can see his eyes again and he smells lovely."

5 star testimonials

"Brilliant service. Really friendly. Will fit you in when they can. Book early to avoid disappointment. Have become a regular customer."

5 star testimonials

"Thank you so much for Ralph's first full groom, he looks so handsome ready for Christmas. What a wonderful service!"

5 star testimonials

"The only place where my dog seems to behave. Always do a good job, very reasonably priced. Can't recommend highly enough."

5 star testimonials

"My Cockerton had his first grooming session with Bev and he looked absolutely amazing. He is quite a shy dog with strangers and I was a bit apprehensive about leaving him, but he came looking very handsome and very calm. I would have no hesitation recommending Bev and her team."